After Stack Exchange

I used to be an active user on Stack Exchange. I was also the top-ranked non-employee user on Meta (the site about the network and its operation) and the second-ranked user on the private site for moderators. But nothing lasts forever. Onward!

I joined the Codidact project to help build a better platform for communities to learn together -- a platform that's controlled by the community, not a for-profit company, and one that can learn from a decade's worth of experience on Stack Exchange. SE's platform gets some things very right, and some things didn't work out as well as intended. We're not making an SE clone to preserve the status quo; we're building the next step in the evolution of community-driven Q&A on the web. It's open-source; all are welcome to help us build. When we have something running, we will be very interested in helping communities move in.

Get Codidact announcements (including releases and new communities): send email to and follow the instructions in the confirmation message.

The Writing community on SE has seen a lot of departures recently. You can find many of us at our new home. Note: the URL is Codidact but the software isn't, yet. It will be. We figured we might as well start using the URL from the beginning. We welcome questions about any type of writing, from fiction to technical writing to journalism to scripts. Please join us!

You can reach me by email to "after-stack" (at) cellio (dot) org and on Twitter as @MonicaCellio. On Discord you can find me on the Meta server, where miscellaneous SE and ex-SE folks hang out sometimes. Ping me there (cellio) to say hi!

There is an update on the GoFundMe finances.