GoFundMe Financial Update (Stack Exchange)

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I have now received all related bills and can report final numbers for the GoFundMe campaign.

GoFundMe takes a fee of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction, as described in their help.


GoFundMe, less fees24,450.14
Outside donations229.03


Donation refund (misunderstanding with one donor) 100.00
Legal services16,582.50

The difference, $7,996.67, was donated to The Trevor Project. Check was mailed on February 6.

Update, March 3

I have received a receipt from the Trevor Project confirming the donation (below).

Update, Febuary 13

I posted the following update on GoFundMe but it is not visible to contributors like their help said it would be. Sigh. Here is the text:

The Trevor Project has not yet processed the check I sent last week, but they have confirmed that they will send me a publishable receipt when they do, which I expect to be soon. I will post that at https://www.cellio.org/stack-gofundme.html. If you want me to notify you when that happens, email me at after-stack@cellio.org.

Thank you everybody for your support!


Image edited to redact my address: