Leaving the nest

Four weeks ago I had a robin's nest with three eggs on a rafter outside my back door. For the last couple weeks I've caught occasional glimpses of beaks or even heads over the edge of the nest. (The nest is above eye level.) The adult birds have been very adamant when we enter or leave, even though I try to do that gently and non-threateningly.

In the last few days I've seen young nestlings standing on the edge of the nest and even on the rafter. I've watched them flap their wings vigorously without getting lift yet.

Yesterday, by virtue of lucky timing -- looking out the window at just the right times -- I got to see two of them fledge. Neat! This morning there was no activity around the nest so I got the ladder and held my phone up, aiming down, to check on the state of the nest -- empty. So number three seems to have figured it out too.

It's been fun watching them grow and learn to use their wings, and watching the family (or the parts I could see at that angle) for the last few weeks. Simple serendipitous joys of urban life. If it happens again I need to figure out how to do a nest cam.