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Jew. Writer. Reader. Techie. Cook. Board-gamer. Musician. Hard to categorize. I'm curious and sometimes geeky about many things and aspire to keep learning, always.

Professionally, I'm a technical writer (ex-programmer) specializing in programming interfaces and interface design, a "speaker to programmers".

I'm the community lead for Codidact, a network of communities for Q&A and other knowledge-sharing. Codidact puts communities first and is an open-source, non-profit project. New contributors are always welcome: GitHub, discussions.

Please check out our existing communities, and if you have a group of people interested in a topic we don't already cover, please let us know and we'll work together to build it. Currently our communities range from Judaism to Electrical Engineering to Code Golf (competitive programming!) to Tabletop Role-Playing Games. You can also set up your own instance of our software (and we know at least one university has done so, behind a VPN).